Welding Rodeo Rules

Rodeo Application

All contestants must attend a 2 hour pre-event Safety Meeting/Orientation at FMU's main campus on Friday, April 13th, 2018 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm. Safety Rules, Competition Rules, Information (questions & answers) session, and orientation to the area will occur at this meeting. Teams will consist of no more than 4 members plus a coach/instructor.

All contestants must sign a liability waiver prior to participation in the FDTC Welding Rodeo. This will also be done at the pre-event safety meeting. Contestants not in attendance will not be allowed to participate in the Competition until a signed waiver has been received by FDTC.

Safety Rules

  1. Only previously identified team members or authorized FDTC personnel are approved to enter the fabrication booth during the fabrication period.
  2. All contestants must observe proper shop safety procedures at all times while participating in the Welding Rodeo.
  3. Safety Glasses are required at all times during the competition.
  4. Proper PPE (boots, leather gloves, sleeves or jackets, cotton clothing, long sleeves, Carhartts, earplugs, etc.) must be furnished and worn by the individual participants. Wear no synthetic clothing; cotton or wool blends only.
  5. All personal gear, clothing, tools, and equipment must be in good, safe working condition.
  6. Face shields and earplugs must be worn for grinding. Guards on grinders are recommended.
  7. Welding hoods with proper shade lenses must be worn while welding.
  8. Shade 5 or 6 cutting goggles must be worn for cutting.
  9. Handle all compressed gas bottles with extreme care. Do not over-pressure Acetylene (10 psi or less). Bottles must remain chained to cart at all times. Do not weld, grind, or cut on or near any compressed gas bottles.
  10. Do not weld on containers that have held gasoline or petroleum products.
  11. Do not leave welding electrode in holder when not welding.
  12. Give warning to fellow workers or onlookers when you are about to strike an arc or grind.
  13. Use equipment only for its intended use.
  14. Use proper lifting techniques at all times. Lift with your legs, not your back. Know your safe lifting limits. Ask for help when lifting heavy objects. Beware of pinch points and potential smashing hazards. Use leverage whenever possible.
  15. When welding in the rain or in a damp or wet area, wear rubber gloves and boots, or stand on a dry insulated platform.
  16. Do not take chances on safety, use common sense and awareness. Please take care when working around spectators, they may not be as knowledgeable as you about safety in the trade, and their welfare is partly in your hands.

Tools & Equipment: Only Lincoln Electric welding equipment and plasma machines can be used

  1. FDTC will provide a Lincoln Electric 210 (SMAW / GMAW) welder, an Oxy/Fuel Torch outfit, and 110V Power cord for each team. There will also be a common area with plasma cutters and a grinding area.
  2. Individuals or their teams are responsible for supplying their own hand tools, lifting tools, grinders (electric only, no air will be provided), or other tools or equipment.
  3. All tools and equipment, as well as all fabricating and storage of materials and personal gear must occur within your allotted 20’ x 20’ area.
  4. No pre-cut material and/or self supplied materials may be brought. No pre-fabrication and no pre-cut materials will be allowed. Only materials from the scrap pile can be used. All construction must be done on Saturday, April 14th from 8:00am-4:00pm.
  5. As in previous years, teams may bring scrap to add to the pile on Friday, April 13th during the safety meeting. However, teams must bring enough of the same item for ten (10) welding teams.
  6. No participant from a team may assist or in any way obstruct or interfere with another participant or team prior to or during the performance of the contest. Such actions will be grounds for disqualification. Disputes or questions will be addressed by the contest Organizers.
  7. The contest itinerary will be strictly adhered to. Contestants will take a lunch break in shifts set up by their team.  Lunch will be provided free of charge for all participants.
  8. Set-up for your booths will commence at 2:00pm on Friday, April 13th. Do not arrive prior to this time. You will be able to drive directly to your booth for unloading at this time. All vehicles must be removed from the fabricating area (to outside the Taped area and parked in a legal parking spot in the visitor’s parking lot). Late arrivals will have to unload tools from outside the taped fabrication area, and carry them to your assigned booth.
  9. Diving for scrap begins promptly at 7:30am by the sounding of an air horn. No entry into the scrap pile or fabrication of any kind will be allowed prior to this time. No more than one (1) team member can run to scrap pile at a time; team member must put scrap in designated area and then “tag” the next member to go to the scrap pile. All team members must be behind the designated line waiting to be tagged. No wheelbarrows or carts will be allowed in the scrap area during the “diving for scrap.” (Hint: you may want to bring a cart, wheelbarrow, etc. for transporting scrap to your booth. FDTC will not provide any assistance in hauling scrap).
  10. Judging will commence at 4:00 PM on Saturday, April 14th. Participants are asked to be absent from the judging area while jurors are critiquing your sculpture. All booths must be cleaned of tools, equipment, materials, and swept before each team leaves at the end of the contest. Clean-up can begin at 4:00 PM. You will be allowed to bring your vehicles close to (but not into) the fabricating area for loading. Please have your booths completely clean by 5:30 PM.
  11. Our esteemed panel of jurors represent years of experience as qualified craftsmen, established exhibiting artists, and art purveyors. These professionals will use the established judging criteria (provided to all contestants) to choose the winning sculptures in the best interests of excellence, fairness, and impartiality. The judges will have final say in the awarding of contest winners. In the case of a tie, judges may consult with the Competition Organizers for final disposition.
  12. Sculptures cannot exceed 3'w X 3'd X 5'h

Live Auction

  1. Everyone is welcome to bid on sculptures.
  2. It is the responsibility of all winning bidders to pick up sculptures or to make delivery arrangements through the FDTC Educational Foundation after the auction or by calling (843) 661-8002.
  3. Any sculpture not picked up/delivered/made delivery arrangements for with the FDTC Educational Foundation by April 16th, will become property of FDTC Foundation. FDTC may assist loading of sculptures from the FDTC campus onto owner's vehicle at FDTC's discretion and based on time and availability. Liability, maintenance, installation, and removal and all associated costs will be according to campus policy.
  4. FDTC reserves the right to use photographs of sculptures and contestants for publicity purposes.

The FDTC Welding Rodeo is a Pee Dee Regional initiative collaborating between the arts, manufacturing, and education to create an awareness of Florence Darlington Technical College's educational offerings and providing scholarships for welding students in key industry growth areas.

Please remember, there will be representatives of industry, the art community, and the public at large watching us all, and it is in our own best interests to maintain a high professional demeanor, and to promote the highest level of our accomplished and practiced skill. We do, at the same time want to have a fun and richly rewarding experience for all.